Welcome to the Future Investor Clubs of America's Television (FICA TV) and Online Video Network:

Future Investor Clubs of America's Television (FICA TV) is designed to be a one stop online career, entrepreneurship, financial education media online network; that provides consumers, members, parents, students and teachers with the best available financial intelligence training video content available in the world today. Specifically, Elementary, Middle, High School and College students will find considerable informative video content available on this site. FICA TV can be easily accessed online by our subscribers in their home, classroom or via an mobile I Phone. In addition to hosting online video training, the FICA TV media network is designed to share information concerning upcoming local, state, regional and national financial education training events.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our parents, students and teachers with creative, entertaining, informative and innovative video programs that keeps you excited about learning about the world of business, careers and financial matters.

Our Promise

Our promise is to provide critical real life financial skills video content that help subscribers learn how to Earn, Save and Invest their valuable monetary resources. Furthermore, our business, career and financial training videos are designed to help you succeed regardless of your current economic situation or the country in which you live. In addition, we promise to always listen to ideas from and be open to suggestions from our subscribers.

Our Hope

Our Hope is that you will use our online business, career and financial video network as your primary financial education resource to view the best and latest information to help educate yourself, students and or family members on important financial matters.

FICA TV (Future Investor Clubs of America Television)

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